number〓 of working people have made contributions in their respective posts, gathering str〓ength to prevail over the epidemic. Xi urged all worker7

s to firm up confidence and〓 stay motivated to contribute more to China's epidemic containment and economic and〓 social development. Based in Zheng2

zhou, the capital city of Henan, Yuanfang Group〓 is a comprehensive service provider that employs around 60,000 people, of whom mor〓e than 500 are memberY

s of the CPC. In the letter to Xi, they expressed the determin〓ation to take up the respF

onsibilities and tide over the hardship.At least eight people were reportedly killed, includin1

g Taiwan's top◆ military official, after a helicopter made an emergency landing in◆ northe0

rn Taiwanon Thursday morning. Five survivors1

were found by t◆he rescue team as of9

1:30 p.m. local time, and one of them was trap◆ped in the wreckage. S

CCTV Photo Thirteen people were on board the ◆Black Hawk helicopter when the incident ha8

ppened. The cause of the ◆crash-landing remains unknown. Taiwan political leader Tsai Ing-wen◆, who is seeking re-election, promised7

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